Bad Streets Are Brewin'

by Boogie Boy Metal Mouth feat zSHYBABEz

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(JR) She got a flame made God sit and gawk- and he should!...
Shot me over bridges into cities where the shadows look good..
Came in awfully acrobatic on a trip back from gone...
Back out in the battle making luuv under the gun...
With a wanderin eye for strange lust- Imma get to bed...
right before the evil can errupt- Imma shoot you dead...
Bad streets a-brewin',
Brewin' in the fire...
Walking by, the prey is spooked...
And I love that- ain't lyin...
and the voices they cry...
They chill to the bone...
But while I'm talking to the sparrows Imma leave me alone...
'Cuz uh, It ain't been nuttin but a flight into the fog...
Fight you for your feeling, make you follow along ta fuck it.

(zSBz) - so this the start of my verse
so everybody get yr iphonez out yr pockets and pursez
check yr facebook and twitter and texts
cuz it aint like im here to try to connect with you
give you somethin to tweet so you can keep staring at yr phone like u hungry and its a fine-ass piece o meat
sink yr teeth in !! eat my brainz out !!! ya fuckin zombies
you dont know what i am talking about
this song could be about ya
you cant hear what im sayin
it's likely that yr likeness lingers in the lines i be layin
but zSHYBABEz aint no snitch
swallow the key and zip my lips after the song is done playin.

Cuz I gut things to say baby
Lots of things
and a place to be
when I'm done with me
Sleep hard 'cuz I'm gone tomorrow
and I'mma track through your daydream and you're not to follow

I'd brush my teeth but that's your problem
your god aint never said shit to me since never
I shave lightning bolts in my hair to run faster
i took a turn for the worse

She wispers every night that i'll bleed when we're done
bad enuf she'll eat up my patience and take the crumbs
Imma show you the addict is a one-man-2-much
jackin off in mittens cuz the fever's in the touch
and i gut elephant needs
(cant you see my hawk feather?)
(I gut flesh in my teef)
i got me hawk eyez, use em to see in stormy weather
i shatter lightbulbz with my bare hands
pick out the shardz use em to open yr letterz
dont tell me shits my fault, dont fucking tell me i'm wrong
dont fucking tell me shit like i aint fuckin known all along
and dont u fuckin bitch when u turn up in my songs
you wrote a bunch about me, cant we all just sing along?
(yeah i saw it, I took it, I bent it how I want)
play connect the dots, cigarette burns on my arms
(Ain't no beggina, gettin crooked, that's the way that it comez)
draw me somethin that'll do me more harm


released August 27, 2013
Written by J.Ring and zSHYBABEz
Produced by Boogie Boy Metal Mouth
Mixed by Boogie Boy Metal Mouth and Hadden Stemp




Boogie Boy Metal Mouth Boston, Massachusetts

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